Welcome to Citra Kasih Elementary School, Jakarta, one of an outstanding Schools which teaches Entrepreneurship to students from their early childhood. The school is Located at Citra GardenCity 2 Extension Blok BI No. 11-12, at West Jakarta. Our school is surrounded by  nice and convenient housing complexes where most of our students’ families and teachers live and conduct their daily activities.

As we know, the pandemic situation has given a massive challenge for all educational institutions. The social distancing policy, slowing-down economic activities, and a growing concern on family members’ health and safety greatly limit school activities. “We need to do something about it !” Citra Kasih Elementary School has accepted a breakthrough with collaboration between Positive Finland and Citra Kasih Foundation to embrace the very first leading pioneer school for the goal of well being school. 

Positive Finland, has the mission to bring positive skills from Finland to other countries. Finland’s education system is regarded as one of the best in the world, and other nations are striving to emulate its structure of Finland’s best educational system. 

We want to improve schools globally and bring our educational standards to a higher level in order to ensure that students have the best possibilities to succeed in life. Nevertheless, students need  to have a well-being, so as to find their strengths & talents. We know that today as well in the future students need to respect, appreciate the ideas, have perspectives and  values toward others; and but they will need to be also required to cope with failure and rejection. and to move They should keep moving forward in the face of adversity in order to achieve their goals.

We believe, our brain Based on world-wide medical reports and studies, a child’s brain is always developing, as his intelligence can grow. but However lacking soft skills which can only be developed through daily interaction and practices since a very young age, everyday. will hinder the full development of one’s mind and mental – related capabilities. Especially in preparing our children to face the 4.0 era, we are fully aware that every educational institution is obliged to equip their learners with sufficient skills, so they will not only survive in the era of global networking and automatization, but also be able to show their creativity and innovation. Therefore, setting the right goals and planning to achieve those goals are of the utmost importance.

What will Citra Kasih students achieve as the next generation of the 4.0 industry, and how to achieve these goals ?

  1. To achieve academic excellence, academically, students need to feel good about themselves, so as to be able to KNOW their competences, and make use of them in order to reach their goals.
  2. To enhance students and teachers’ well being, we need Positive Education and Positive Psychology (a special curriculum designed  to build the targeted behavioural standards)
  3. To be the number one school in Indonesia we need a holistic education system.
  4. To improve students’ knowledge and skills in using Information Technology and online media as their learning sources, we prepare authentic learning materials as well as engaging and practical activities in which students are highly exposed to various kinds of digital and  interactive apps. and online informative sites.
  5. To enhance students’ thinking skills, we prepare high-level thinking activities that will support their ability in solving problems.
  6. To maximize the interaction between students’ communicating and collaborative skills, we divide the students into small groups guided by teachers as  mentors, and encourage students to become  positive pals and  support each other. to be positive pals. 

 Positive Pals

Once a week we have special time about wellbeing conversation to discuss positive skills to share teachers and students experiences. Our Goal is to create a positive environment, character positive transformation and be the pioneer for well being school. 

Integrating Lesson with Character Building
Webinar for Parents & Educators
Please join us on Wednesday, October 7th 2020 at 14.00 – 15.00 for a live Positive Learning approach. 
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